'Kontakter' vil ikke synkronisere alle Facebook-kontaktene.

Diskusjon rundt Apples bærbare for profesjonelle.

'Kontakter' vil ikke synkronisere alle Facebook-kontaktene.

Innleggav ruslefant » tir 12.08.2014 7:44

Skrev nettopp et innlegg på Apple Support Forum, på engelsk, så jeg bare copy-paster det inn her.

Hi there,

I'm all new to mac, just bought one. It's running OS X Mavericks 10.9.4 with the latest update.

I've tried to add my Facebook account to "internet accounts" (as well as my gmail and hotmail), but when I look at the program called "contacts" only a few of my contacts are there. And it seems as though those contacts are all available for FaceTime, so I'm thinking that they all have a Mac...?

Is this a correct assumption? That only those with Macbooks have been synchronized to my list of contacts?

Anyways... The weird thing is that I can still receive messages from the missing contacts in the "notifications" sidebar, but I can't answer them. When I press on the notification for a message from one of the missing contacts, it simply deletes the notification, exits the sidebar and that's it!

There simply must be something wrong here, so what is it?
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